Central Kitsap High School
Class of 1975 - 25 Year Reunion

Pictures from Saturday Night
We all clean up pretty well....
August 20, 2000 -  Kitsap Golf and Country Club

Table Decoration

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Lauren signing in

Group Steve Flowers & Jody Crow
Lauren (Patterson) Erickson signing in for an evening of fun. The evening started out pretty calm and civilized....... Steve Flowers and Jody Crow posing for the camera.  Amazing how we all seem to be getting better!

Food Bruce Jim Friends Forever
Lots of food .... where are those strawberries when we need them? Bruce Maynard
Jim Denberger in the background
Jody Crow and Diane Rae (Ehly)
Oldest friends since Kindergarten (Actually since Jody was 5 and Diane was 4)
(Did you catch on that Jody is older than Diane?)

Brian Lawson

Brian Lawson (he wins prize for having youngest baby)

Bruce Maynard & Wife

Bruce Maynard and Wife


Kari (McKimson) Hintz

CindyKate ClaudiaNancy DaveTimWife.jpg (67984 bytes)
Kate Leonard and Cindy (Gibbs) Hanson Nancy (Gulla) Carter and Claudia (Brooks) Griffeth

Davd Stiles, Tim Berg & wife Brenda
Denise Cooke

Linda (Hanson) Moran and Denise Cooke


Kate Martenies, Gina (Strasser) Campbell and Clay Martenies

Jodee and Nancy

Nancy (Gulla) Carter and Jodee (Rhowein) Strickland with their hubbies

JodyDance JohnBusey.

John Busey


Kari (McKimson) Hintz, Steve Sego and Larry Hansen

Jody Crow dancing with Steve Bramel?? and Mike and Gina Campbell in the background (but it's hard to say what Mike is doing)

Ginaskirt RoniKimDeedee
Shake that skirt Gina!!!

More dancing the night away....That's What Friends are For

SteveShellyBurt Toni what the heck was the photographer thinking?
Steve Sego, Shelly (Driscoll) Fagen
and Burt Thatcher
Char McKay, Toni (Wagner) Cutting
and more
I think this was the Makarena...
and whose bum is that??

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